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November 1st, 2023
To promote its new BBQ Onion Ring Burger, KFC Australia is offering an AU$80,000 wedding to a couple that does the most creative job documenting their onion ring marriage proposal.


The Aussie division of KFC is encouraging couples to tie the knot "Kentucky style," which apparently means removing an onion ring from a chicken burger, getting down on one knee and placing the delectable, but a tad greasy, treat on your lover's ring finger.

To enter, couples must submit a photo of the proposal, a 15-second video that introduces themselves and conveys their love for KFC, as well as a 100-word statement about why they deserve to win a KFC Wedding.

"The more creative, the better!" notes the instructions on the entry form. The contest began yesterday and will run through November 27.

The best onion ring proposal will earn a wedding package valued at AU$80,000 (US$50,700), with the following breakdown:

-- Up to AU$30,000 towards one KFC Food Truck to attend and cater the KFC Wedding;
-- Up to $15,000 towards a KFC stylist to theme and decorate the KFC Wedding;
-- Up to $35,000 towards additional wedding costs (including outfits and entertainment).

KFC Australia's latest gastronomic concoction consists of an Original Recipe Chicken Fillet, cheese, lettuce, a new sweet and tangy BBQ sauce and, most importantly, two onion rings (one for the proposal and the other to be kept in reserve, just in case of a jittery mishap). The special sandwich is a limited item, ending November 27.

“At KFC, we’re always looking at life on the fried side," KFC Australia CMO Tami Cunningham said in a statement. "We know our customers love our fried chicken and their partners, so what could be better than combining KFC and weddings?”

The contest is open to everyone in Australia 18 years of age and older, and the winning couple must agree to schedule the wedding within one year of the promotional drawing date.

Credit: Image via KFC Australia.